AWS Cloud Migration

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Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration is a transfer of data and applications between servers. There are a few types of cloud migrations, including the common model which transfers from local servers to the cloud. Other models include the reverse migration, which transfers form the cloud back to local servers, and cloud-to-cloud migration. Using cloud migration is beneficial for easier redundancy and greater elasticity, along with flexibility on costs. Notable challenges include interoperability and data integrity & security.

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There are many considerations that are taken to decide on migrating to the cloud. Applications or certain data that business-critical, have high-throughput, require low latency or have strict geographic stewardship requirements should remain locally. Investments are another consideration, espcially ones that are spent on software licensing and latency hardware. Some organizations move the data into the private cloud, which keeps data within data center and uses proprietary architecture, while organizations move applications into the public cloud, allowing users to access compute resources through the internet or dedicated connection. Hybrid clouds can do both while performing transfers between each other.

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For the migration process, there are several models that deal with certain transfers. For example, the lift-and-shift model transfers data without performing any changes. On the other hand, Refactoring completely changes the code or architcture, though it is quite costly to perform. Online transfers involve delivering the data to the cloud provider to upload them to the cloud when there is no method of using the internet for normal uploads. Overall, the migration to the cloud needs to be ensured of security and procedures from the budget.

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Many cloud providers offer their tools and service designed to help prepare for cloud migration, monitor and manage progress, validate post-migration services. Our AWS Cloud migration services assist users monitor the progress of their app migration through syncing. The Status is displayed in the user's portfolio as well. In addition, we would be able to ensure optimal performance and track transactions.